Chocolate Cobbler

Last fall, when I was on a weekend get away with hubby to celebrate ten wonderful years,  we were served Chocolate Cobbler at a fabulous little restaurant in Dahlonega, GA.   In May a similar dessert was featured on Pioneer Woman’s Tasty Kitchen website.  In the time following that post, Chocolate Cobbler (along with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream) has become my go-to dessert to serve at dinner parties.

Chocolate Cobbleris a lot like a family sized Molten Lava cake.  It’s got cakey bits, parts that are more like brownie and a rich liquid “chocolate gravy” in the middle.  Sounds delicious, no?  It gets better!  See, the recipe is simple.  The cobbler is made from ingredients that most folks already have on hand.  Better yet, it’s flexible and/or forgiving. The first time I made it my son helped me and we accidentally doubled the cocoa.  Tonight when I made it I forgot the vanilla.  Both times it STILL turned out to be scrumptious.

Hungry for more?  Check out Pioneer Woman’s cooking blog, or the Tasty Kitchen recipe archive for more fun ideas.

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