Strawberry Shortcake Cake


This cake was made for the same birthday party as the Banana Pudding cake in my last post.  I’d been wanting to try Pioneer Woman’s recipe since the first day she posted it and this event was the perfect excuse.   The leftovers for both cakes were sent home with us because the party hosts were starting South Beach the next day.  We took them in to church with us the morning after and shared the wealth.   Last night alone I had four requests for this recipe, which I think is a good sign…

Pioneer Woman’s Strawberry Shortcake Cake

I made a few changes, of course, because I can’t resist.  First up was the cake pan: I didn’t have one deep enough so I split it into two.  This works fine, but you’ll want to go over the top of the cooled cake with a fork and prick it a lot to create holes for the strawberry juice to soak through before you put them on.  I think I also came close to doubling the smashed strawberry mixture since what was called for did not cover both of my cakes.  Also, remember to reserve a few strawberries for garnish.

The other big change I made came because I wanted something a little more whipped creamy than the straight cream cheese icing P-Dub made for her creation.  I  came up with a sort of amalgalm  cream cheese – whipped cream icing:


4 ounces cream cheese

1 stick of butter

 1 box powdered sugar

1 cup of marshmallow cream or fluff

2 cups of heavy whipping cream

2 Tablespoons of sugar



In a cold bowl whip the heavy cream, the two tablespoons of sugar and one teaspoon of vanilla until thick and fluffy.  Refrigerate until needed.

Cream together the 4 ounces of cream cheese and one stick of butter, when smooth add a box of powdered sugar and beat till smooth and creamy.  (You can sift the sugar first if you’re feeling ambitious and want it to be super smooth.)  To this basic cream cheese icing add the cup of marshmallow cream and continue beating until combined.  Fold in half of the whipped cream until fully incorporated.  Allow to set in the refrigerator at least five minutes before icing cake.

Assemble cake according to directions.  Heap or pipe an inch of icing onto bottom layer.  Refrigerate or freeze for a few minutes, then top with remaining layer.  Ice top of cake with remaining icing, leaving sides bare.  Refrigerate again until icing is set.  Before serving use remaining whipped cream and reserved strawberries to garnish.  I also put some strawberry preserves in a baggy, microwaved it for maybe fifteen seconds and snipped a very small bit off of the corner to drizzle across the cake for a bit of color.

Keep cake refrigerated before and after serving.  Enjoy!


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