I’m mostly a fiction reader. Say I read 100 books a year; maybe two or three of those are nonfiction. Sometimes none of them are. The nonfiction I DO read tend to be biographies. My husband is the opposite. He loves nonfiction. Now he’s not reading as many as I do, but easily 4 out of five books that he reads are nonfiction. Last year may have slanted things a little for him since he read several of the Harry Potters, therefore upping his fiction count more than usual. He leans towards Christian thinkers, books about the creative process, business or government.

Anyhow, that said, I occaisionally check books out for him from the library. Neal Boortz’s Somebody’s Got to Say it was one of those. He didn’t finish it in the three weeks we had it, and no one was waiting for it, so it got renewed. Now if a book spends six weeks laying on the floor in front of my potty chances are I’m going to pick it up and give it a thumb through. What with one thing and another I found myself reading a book by a talk radio host and enjoying it thoroughly. I didn’t agree with everything the man says, but many of his ideas and opinions and statements intrigued me enough to want to go do my own research and formulate my own opinion, which is something I think the man would be satisfied by.

So that’s one. Now I find myself intrigued by Jumbo, a book about the history of the famous circus elephant that got rave reviews in Entertainment Weekley. I’m a complete pushover for circus history. There’s also Sin in the Second City that’s on my waiting list at the library, about “high class” prostitution in Chicago during the turn of the [last] century. Today I almost bought one called Flower Confidential at Costco that caught my eye, all about the modern flower market being big business, and there was another one there, too, about a food critic and all of the stuff she goes through to be anonymous when she eats places. Oh, and if I can find where hubby stashed it, we’ve got a copy of The Company They Keep around here that’s about CS Lewis and Tolkein and their writers group the Inklings.

So many books, and only a 2 hour nap time for the kids each day!I just find it interesting that I can go for months without ever setting foot out of the YA genre, or fantasy or whatnot, and all of a sudden my new interest is real life. Well, it’s billed as real life…I should be okay as long as avoid those memoirists!

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2 Responses to Nonfictionitis

  1. Juanis says:

    I think if you want to gain a little bit of culture you have to read historical books or anything that makes you learn something. And that is why I read every kind of books.
    But if it was for me, I would only read books that would make my imagination fly away, because those are more enjoyable.

    Ps: Sorry for the spelling.

  2. Sherry says:

    Smarty pants smarty pants!!

    This is the only comments that your gonna get out of me on this one!!


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