One Good Knight

Mercedes Lackey’s latest offering in her “500 Kingdom’s” series lacks the charm of the first entry, The Fairy Godmother. There are some entertaining moments in One Good Knight, and interesting premises – perhaps my complaints stem from an over familiarity with the author’s work. Certain themes, such as the main characters need for glasses, becomes a little too heavy handed after showing up in more than one book! – but it’s not quite as charming as it’s predecessor.

Both novels are set in a world which is influenced by something called “Tradition.” This refers to Fairy Tale tradition, and relies on a certain amount of the reader’s being familiar with a variety of old tales to truly appreciate. The wink-wink/nudge-nudge humor is fun at first, but again grows old in the second book. Where as The Fairy Godmother takes the Cinderella story and turns it about into a tale on the origin of Godmothers, One Good Knight tackles the Greek myth of Andromeda by way of St. George and his Dragons. I enjoyed Knight, really, but was glad that it was a library book.

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